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How to Check Out and Check In a File

Part 1:  Check Out the document and Edit offline on your computer

You will first need to check out your file, download, and edit on your computer. To do this: 

1. From the Actions drop down menu select Check out.

Check Out Button Image


2. Select the Parent folder radio button and click Check out.

  • Home will make a duplicate of the file in your personal folder.

Note: The duplicate file will be removed when it is checked back in.

Check Out Parent Folder Radio Button image.


3. You will notice info banners that note the file has been locked and a checked-out created.

Check Out created image.


4. Click the file's download link to download the file and edit the file on your computer.

Check Out Download Link image.


Part 2:  Re-upload your edited file and check it back into the portal 

After making any changes that you would like to the file, you will need to re-upload and check in. To do this:

1. From the tabs on your document, click Edit.

Check Out Edit Tab image.

2. Scroll down until you see the File Field.  Check the radio button Replace with new file, Click Browse to look for the file on your computer, and click Open when you have selected the file that you edited.

Check Out Replace With New File image.


3.  After you upload your edited file, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Check In Save image.

4. Go back to the Actions menu and select Check in
If you do not want to keep your changes click Cancel to check-out.

Check In Button image.

5.  Add a Check-in Message detailing the changes that you made and click Check In.

Check In Message image.

6. You will see an info banner noting your file is Checked in.

Check In Info Banner image.

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