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International Year of the Salmon

In 2019, the International Year of the Salmon brought together people from different countries and varied disciplines under the common theme Salmon and people in a changing world to celebrate salmon restoration and recovery efforts. In 2020 and 2021, limited research took place because of the pandemic. However, investigative results analysis continued in spite of the pandemic. Manuscripts are now being prepared for publication is scientific journals.

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The planning for the International Year of the Salmon has started! Do you have any ideas for events, activities, programs or partnerships? 




The International Year of the Salmon is a catalyst for a burst of outreach and education activities to:International Year of the Salmon Opportunities

  • raise awareness of the critically endangered Atlantic salmon and their varied ecosystems as well as the significant challenges and opportunities of what we can do better.
  • raise awareness of the cultural, historical, social and biological importance of the critically endangered Atlantic salmon within and beyond Maine.
  • support organizations and their continuous conservation and restoration efforts.
  • invigorate a new generation of scientists, managers, policy makers, educators and conservationists to continue the work needed to conserve and restore salmon and their varied ecosystems.

Using the story of wild Atlantic salmon as an iconic freshwater species – current and new outreach, engagement and educational programs, activities and events could be promoted and highlighted under the umbrella of the International Year of the Salmon using the themes such as:

  • watersheds
  • habitat connectivity
  • fish migration
  • ecosystems
  • climate change
  • endangered species
  • health and well-being
  • future generations
  • sustainable aquaculture


The International Year of the Salmon will stimulate an investment in research and be a catalyst for information to support the fast pace of management for salmon and their ecosystems.


It is an opportunity to enhance and establish new partnerships and collaborations, to learn from others as well as promote and highlight the Atlantic salmon programs in Maine.


 International Year of the Salmon Timeframe.

The International Year of the Salmon is not just one year.

2017-2018 will entail planning, promoting and enlisting partners. The International Year will be launched with a Symposium late in 2018 followed by a burst of outreach, education and focused research activities in 2019.

However, the International Year of the Salmon doesn’t stop in 2019… 

Efforts made in outreach and education will continue and research will be analyzed. In 2022, the results from the research will be communicated widely. There is also the potential for a symposium to discuss the research results as well success stories and lessoned learned from outreach and communication efforts.

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More information

For a global perspective, visit the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization or the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

To learn how you can get involved locally, visit the Greater Atlantic Region's IYS page, or contact Jean Higgins at (978) 281-9345 or email

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