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Pollinators and Monarchs Informational Page

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This page was created by the Region 5 Pollinator/Monarch Team to provide a one stop shop for pollinator resources (see table below). It is updated and improved upon frequently so please keep checking back!

If you have any questions, please contact your program representative on the Region 5: Pollinator/Monarch Team List

National Monarch and Pollinator Document Petition for Listing, National Strategies, and Guidance Documents
Monarch Basics Monarch biology, habitat, and conservation
Habitat Creation and Best Management Creating pollinator habitat, milkweed and native seed information, best management practices, and conservation planning tools
Monarch Migration Explore information on Monarch migration, including maps
Monarchs in the Northeast and other Regions Find out what the USFWS is doing to support Monarchs in the northeast and in other regions
Monarch Partners Around the Continent Links to organizations working to conserve Monarchs, including funding opportunities
Inventory & Monitoring Habitat Assessment Guides and links to Citizen Science projects and protocols
How You Can Help Resources to help you find the best way that you can support pollinators and monarchs

Questions/comments on this webpage, specifically, can be directed to Renee Farnsworth (

Additional resources on pollinators can be found at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pollinator Page.

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