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Atlantic and Gulf Coast Resiliency Project

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A multi-LCC initiative to synthesize and deliver existing coastal ecological and community resilience and adaptation information to coastal decision makers and communities and, where feasible, prioritize conservation actions to increase the resilience of both coastal communities and natural resources.

Items to be addressed include: 

Compilation and synthesis of information and tools that relate existing projections of sea level rise and storms to system response, impacts to habitats and species, and restoration and management alternatives.

  • Synthesis of thresholds of viability for priority coastal fish, wildlife and plant species under different rates of sea level rise and increased storm intensity.
  • Assessments of restoration and management alternatives completed, underway or planned for increasing persistence and resiliency of these habitats and species as well as evaluations of their effectiveness and metrics used to measure success.  
  • Identification of actions that could delay or preclude listing of species that are sensitive to sea level rise, help sustain and recover listed species, and maintain economically important fish and wildlife populations.


Synthesis of existing and planned efforts to use natural and nature-based approaches to increase community resilience along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

  • Assessment of whether approaches to increase persistence/resilience of priority coastal natural resources will also benefit community resilience.
  • Assessment of whether natural and nature-based approaches to community resilience will benefit systems, habitats and species.
  • Provide assistance/guidance to incorporate species and habitat information into community resilience planning.



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