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Hurricane Sandy Marsh Resiliency

A slideshow of aerial photographs from Hurricane Sandy Marsh Resiliency project sites

Tidal marshes are among the most productive ecosystems on earth, providing vital habitat and resources to an incredible diversity of species, from marine invertebrates to fish to birds. These systems also help fortify the coastal landscape by serving as natural buffers that absorbs storm surges. Accelerating rates of sea level rise combined with more frequent and intense storms threaten to undermine the vital role that tidal marshes play by eroding and drowning these systems.

The Marsh Resiliency project aligns regional restoration and science efforts that are underway to determine where and how to focus efforts to help marsh ecosystems and the species that depend on them persist in the face of climate change. By integrating monitoring, modeling, and tools, this project offers guidance to resource managers in prioritizing which restoration, conservation, and management actions are likely to be most effective in allowing critical marsh habitat to persist in place or migrate in the future.

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