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Appendix to Recovery Plan

 Title   Type 
Atlantic Salmon and Sea-run Fish Restoration Link
2006 Status Review Link
Atlantic Salmon Recovery Plan Companion Document File
Atlantic Salmon in Maine NRC 2004 File
Broodstock Management Plan File
Conservation Planning and Section 7 under the ESA File
Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery Link
Critical Habitat Folder
DRAFT Atlantic Salmon Recovery Plan 2016 File
East Machias Aquatic Research Center Link
Executive Order regarding Tribal Consultation and Coordination File
Final Rule for Atlantic Salmon Critical Habitat Link
Final Endangered Species Listing for Expanded GOM DPS of Atlantic Salmon 2009 File
Final Recovery Plan for the GOM DPS of Atlantic Salmon 2005 File
Green Lake National Fish Hatchery Link
NMFS-USFWS Statement of Cooperation File
NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region Protected Resources Division Atlantic Salmon Recovery Program Link
NOAA Policies on Tribal Consultation Link
NOAA Recovery Action Mapping Tool Link
North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization Link
Recovery Implementation Strategy File
Response to Peer Review Comments on the 2016 Draft Recovery Plan File
Response to Public Comments on the 2016 Draft Recovery Plan File
Services Regulatory Authorities under the Federal Power Act and the ESA File
Strategic Plan for the Restoration of Diadromous Fishes to the Penobscot River 2008 File
USDA Stream Simulations Methodology File
USFWS Ecological Services Recovery Program Link
USFWS Environmental Conservation Online System Link
USFWS National Native American Programs Link

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