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Conditions of Web Portal Membership

This document explains what each invited member should understand and accept prior to using the NALCC portal.

The North Atlantic LCC Web Portal was created to provide an open-access communications exchange between members, partners, agencies, and organizations working to protect natural lands, valued resources, and the biological diversity that provides environmental benefits and services to human communities across the North Atlantic region.

As invited members of the Web Portal you are encouraged to login, take some time to familiarize yourself with how the portal works, and contribute content.
In addition to invited members, the general public is allowed to visit the portal and access information designated for Public view without logging in.

What the Web Portal has to offer a registered Member

The Web Portal is a secure web based database or Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to upload content to the Internet without knowledge of HTML code. It is basically a password-protected 'virtual' file cabinet with folders and files you can manage online.

The Content you can upload to the Internet inside the Web Portal folders includes:

  • Links to external web sites and pages and internal portal content.
  • File content like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint files, Adobe Acrobat files.
  • Digital images that are in a web friendly file format like .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  • Web pages made up of text and images, stored on the portal.
  • Audio and Video
  • Calendar events to be listed on an interactive public or private Group calendar.
  • News items of interest to the portal community or to a private Group.

You are allowed to upload and store your content, privately or publicly, in a personal folder, within a group folder you joined, and inside the Portal Public Space: Resources, Calendar, News, Links.
You can use the Web Portal to work with your colleagues or other Portal members in a group setting as a virtual team, large or small, across time and space. Do not send unsolicited email to group or individual members.

The Web Portal was designed to share news, educational materials, resources, and other information. Members are encouraged to post such materials inside the Resources, News, and Calendar areas and associate each item with the appropriate tags so that it will flow into correct folders and collections which others can easily search for and locate.

What Membership Implies:

You will take time to learn the Portal Tools that facilitate Portal use including accessing, posting, storing, and sharing content.

You will share your expertise, social and professional networks, when appropriate, by joining a Portal Group which is a virtual presence for your group, team or Community of Practice.

As a valued member, whenever possible or appropriate, whether working alone or as a team, you will agree to POST Content publicly, in essence share the content globally. This sharing will help the North Atlantic LCC community grow stronger, more inter-active, and more capable over time.

Thank you for Joining!

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