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Vernal-pool mapping workshop offers resources, and collaborators

The Mid-Atlantic Vernal Pool Mapping Workshop is a part of a regional effort to facilitate coordination in conserving critical habitat provided by temporary wetlands. Workshop participants will learn about existing vernal-pool mapping projects and resources, including a regional database of known and possible vernal pool locations available for viewing and download through the North Atlantic LCC Conservation Planning Atlas.

An upcoming workshop sponsored by the North Atlantic LCC offers valuable resources and insight for researchers, managers, field biologists, and conservation specialists throughout the Mid-Atlantic, particularly those with vernal-pool datasets on their hands.

Designed to promote coordination among vernal-pool mapping efforts in the region, the Mid-Atlantic Vernal Pool Mapping Workshop will feature presentations on existing state and regional mapping initiatives, discussion on how to apply resources locally, and a field trip to visit local amphibian breeding sites.

The workshop will give participants the opportunity to work through various challenges presented by data management and modeling, and will facilitate regional collaboration and information exchange through the North Atlantic Vernal Pool Data Cooperative.

The free workshop will take place on Friday, October 24th, at the Aquatic Resources Education Center in Smyrna, Del. Free lodging is available on the night of Thursday, October 23rd, at the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s rustic Mallard Lodge.

Please register by sending your contact information and anticipated date and time of arrival to Dan Lambert (

The Vernal Pool Data Cooperative is coordinated by the Vermont Center for Ecostudies with funds from the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

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