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Large Landscape Conservation network releases workshop report

In a compelling summary of the first major conference on large landscape conservation in North America, the Large Landscape Conservation Practitioners' Network reflects on successes, objectives, and next steps to advance the frontiers of the field.

More than 650 conservation professionals met to gain insight and inspiration for work in landscape conservation at last fall's National Workshop for Large Landscape Conservation in Washington D.C., where North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative staff and partners showcased research and tools that are contributing to momentum in the field.

Now in their new Expanding Horizons report, featuring a forward by New Yorker staff writer Tony Hiss, the Practitioners' Network of Large Landscape Conservation offers a compelling summary of the two-day conference, highlighting the work of participants, sharing lessons learned, and outlining objectives for continued progress.

As forums for generating landscape-level partnerships, goals, and science, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives were identified as integral to this effort because as Hess writes in his forward, "They necessarily cover a lot of ground, and they bring a lot of people together."

One of the biggest challenges for the field? Spreading the word. "Developing persuasive success stories" was singled out as one of the greatest priorities to come out of the conference.

Visit the Large Landscape Network website to download the full report.

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