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LCC Network releases updated interactive LCC map

The revised map more accurately depicts the geographies of the 22 LCCs across the continent, including the North Atlantic LCC.

The Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network has revised its map to better reflect LCC geographic areas.  For example, a portion of the North Atlantic LCC was previously contained entirely within the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC and there were spaces of land without LCC identity sandwiched between the California LCC and the Desert LCC.  In addition, the South Atlantic LCC steering committee has adopted a 200 nautical mile boundary into the Atlantic Ocean that was not previously reflected. These map revisions were requested by LCC Steering Committees and approved by the LCC Council.  The final data, metadata, and printable map products are now publicly available.

The LCC Network map reflects ecologically based conservation regions and was originally developed by an interagency team of conservation professionals.  When the original map was released, a protocol for changes was developed that includes steering committees seeking concurrence with other LCC steering committees for changes that could affect them.  Ultimately, final map revisions are approved by the LCC Council.   It has been more than four years since the original map was created and while frequent changes to the map are not expected, future discussions about LCC boundaries are anticipated and the map will be revised as needed. 

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