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NPS releases Coastal Adaptation Strategies Handbook

A new National Park Service report co-edited by North Atlantic LCC Steering Committee member Amanda Babson summarizes the current state of climate adaptation in national parks, and identifies resources and approaches to help plan for and adapt to climate change in coastal areas.

The new Coastal Adaptation Strategies Handbook released by the National Park Service describes the state of climate adaptation in the park service, and outlines key approaches to plan for and adapt to climate change in coastal parks, including collaboration with Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.

Comprising nine chapters covering policy, planning, cultural resources, natural resources, facility management, communication, education, and more, the report highlights resources for data, science, and collaboration both inside and outside of the Service. Among them, LCCs.

"One key message is that managing for change may require working at a larger landscape scale than a single park, as with partners like LCCs," explained Coastal Landscape Adaptation Coordinator for the Northeast Region of the National Park Service Amanda Babson, who is a member of the North Atlantic LCC Steering Committee.

"This report can inform the North Atlantic LCC and its partners as we work together to manage the coastal zone as a connected landscape and seascape, where parks can serve as a core," she said.

In addition to serving as a co-editor on the entire report, Babson co-authored chapters on Natural Resources and Protecting Infrastructure chapters, and was lead author of a chapter on lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy, which offers a useful comparison for partners to collectively assess post-Sandy resilience efforts in search of common opportunities and needs.

Babson added that the Cultural Resources chapter also valubale insight as well. "LCCs can learn about climate adaptation strategies developed for cultural resources as we integrate those with science and tools developed to support natural resource adaptation."

The handbook complements an earlier compilation of 24 case studies from NPS managers working to combat climate change impacts on coastal park resources.

You can download the entire handbook or view individual chapters on the National Park Service's Coastal Adaptation website. 

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