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Restoring Aquatic Connectivity

North Atlantic LCC Request for Proposals (RFP) addresses a priority science need to collaboratively restore aquatic connectivity while increasing resiliency for culverts and road stream crossings to future floods.
Restoring Aquatic Connectivity

Culvert replacement to improve fish passage. USFWS

The project will be the first phase of developing a science- and partner-driven approach to identify and prioritize stream crossing removals and replacements across the Northeast Region to improve passage for aquatic species and increase resilience to future flood events. Regionally-consistent data will allow for a better understanding of how aquatic populations will be impacted by combined effects of fragmentation, climate change and land use change. Deadline for submitting proposals is Oct. 4, 2013View the RFP.

(Note: the North Atlantic LCC Steering Committee selected a project team led by UMass Amherst to implement this project in November 2013.)

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