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RCOA Version 1.0 -- Data Use and Review

This month-long webinar series is designed to introduce technically capable users from states, FWS, and other partners, to Version 1.0 products of a regional landscape conservation design, and to provide these users an opportunity to help improve the products by reviewing and testing them.
When Aug 03, 2016 09:00 AM to
Aug 31, 2016 03:00 PM
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Partners from 13 states, the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nongovernmental organizations, and universities have been working together for more than a year to develop a regional conservation design that lays the groundwork for unified conservation action across the entire Northeast region. 

Initially termed Regional Conservation Opportunity Areas (RCOAs) by the team, this project has resulted in a suite of resources that partners can use as a complement to their own information to help identify opportunities for conserving and restoring terrestrial, aquatic, and coastal ecosystems and the host of different species that depend on them. 

Beginning Wednesday, August 3, LCC staff and partners will be hosting a series of webinars designed for technically capable users and reviewers representing the states, FWS and our partners to learn how to access and explore the first iteration (Version 1.0) datasets and help review the products by putting them to use.

The release of Version 1.0 of these products provides an opportunity for target users to help improve them by reviewing, testing and providing critical feedback that will directly inform the next iteration (Version 2.0).

The overview webinar will be repeated four times, providing specific instruction on access, review, and brief guidance on applications for all of the products. All webinars will be archived for later viewing. 

Schedule and log-in information for the full webinar series:

Overview of Version 1.0 Data Use and Application

August 3, 9:00 am  - Link to join webinar

August 4, 1:00 pm -  Link to join webinar

August 17, 9:00 am - Link to join webinar

August 31, 1:00 pm - Link to join webinar

In-Depth Exploration of Products

August 10, 9:00 am  - Terrestrial Core Networks - Link to join webinar

August 10, 1:00 pm - Regional Flow, Marsh Migration, and Riparian Corridors -  Link to join webinar

August 24, 9:00 am - Restoration Tool - Link to join webinar

August 24, 1:00 pm - Aquatic Core Networks - Link to join webinar

August 31, 9:00 am - Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (RSGCN) Habitats - Link to join webinar

Teleconference information for all webinars

Call-in number: 866-762-5634

Passcode: 5866227

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