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Nature's Network

Nature’s Network is a collaborative effort that brings together partners from 13 states, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nongovernmental organizations, and universities to identify the best opportunities for conserving and connecting intact habitats and ecosystems and supporting imperiled species to help ensure the future of fish and wildlife across the Northeast region.

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The Nature's Network conservation design integrates numerous datasets to highlight conservation priorities across the region on a single interactive map, but users can also access and explore the individual datasets and decision-support tools that make up the conservation decision. All of these products are available on the Nature's Network website. 

Additional Resources

Webinar - Sprawl: The regional model for urban growth built into Nature’s Network — Link to streaming recording and presentation slides from webinar on December 14, 2017

Webinar - Introduction to Nature’s Network: Overview and applications — Link to streaming recording of webinar on May 24, 2017 (Advance the playback bar to 00:06:30 to get to the start of the presentation)

Technical description

Nature's Network depicts an interconnected network of priority lands and waters identified using modeling approaches developed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, The Nature Conservancy, and other organizations based on direction from a team of partners.  

View the Quick Start guides on the Nature's Network website for background information on all of the component datasets that make up the conservation design, as well the data packages for the five associated conservation approaches.

Case Studies and News Stories

"For Regional Conservation Partnerships, Nature's Network offers new perspective on familiar places" - North Atlantic LCC news

"Nature's Network" - Feature story on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Conserving the Nature of the Northeast blog

"Putting conservation on the map in the Chesapeake Bay watershed" - Feature story on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conserving the Nature of the Northeast blog

"Regional perspective advances habitat goals for Chesapeake Bay watershed" - North Atlantic LCC Conservation in Action case study 

Read testimonials from partners who are using dat and tools from Nature's Network to inform their work in conservation on the In Action page of the project website

LCC Staff Contact(s):

Steve Fuller, North Atlantic LCC Science Delivery Coordinator (General questions)

, North Atlantic LCC Science Coordinator (General questions)

, North Atlantic LCC Communications Coordinator (Media questions)

, North Atlantic LCC GIS Analyst (Data Basin questions)

Nature's Network
Product Type(s):
Decision Support Tools
Conservation designs, blueprints, and plans
Resource Type: Ecosystems
Conservation Targets: Coastal and Marine, Terrestrial and non-tidal wetland, Freshwater aquatic
Conservation Framework: Conservation Design
Threats/Stressors: Climate change impacts, Development/Urban Growth, Sea-level rise and storm impacts, Water quality and supply
Conservation Action: Site/area protection, Site/area management, Habitat and natural process restoration, Species management, Species recovery

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