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Using Google docs

Instructions for registered users of the North Atlantic LCC website to upload and edit Google docs.

Uploading a document:

Open the GoogleDoc or Google Spreadsheet that you would like to share. 

In the upper right-hand corner of the document, click on the "Share" button:

In the "Sharing" window, click on the link that says "Get Sharable link" in the upper right-hand corner. Using the drop-down menu, you can select whether you would like "Anyone with the link" to be able to "edit", "comment", or "view" only. Once you have set the permissions, click on "Copy link".

Finally, click "Done" at the bottom the window.


Meanwhile, log into the North Atlantic LCC website with your user name and password, find the folder location where you'd like to add the Google Doc, click on the "Add new" drop-down menu, and select "GoogleDoc":


Enter a name and description for the Google doc, and paste the shareable URL that you copied into the "URL" field:


Click "Save"

Editing a Google doc:

If you would like your changes to a Google doc to be visible to others, click on "Editing" on the right side of toolbar, and select "Suggesting" from the drop-down menu. 


Then any suggestions/edits/comments you make will be highlighted and attributed to you, giving the "owner" of the document the ability to "Accept" or "Reject" your suggestions:


Document Actions