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Northeast Regional Conservation Framework Workshop (Albany II) - June 14-16, 2011

The Northeast Regional Conservation Framework Workshop, held in June 2011, provided an opportunity to step back and synthesize the results of many projects that have been completed or are underway through the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) program and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). The workshop also helped partners determine how these projects might fit into a common regional conservation framework and identify the greatest needs for future work. By fostering information sharing and discussions among regional conservation experts, the workshop sought to clarify the “big picture” of conservation, illuminate how existing efforts complement each other, and identify key roles for each of the partners to play in the future. These activities all contributed to the overarching goal of achieving more effective and efficient conservation in the Northeast region. The workshop results are guiding the development of shared science capacity in the Northeast.

Workshop Purpose and Scope
Members of the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Directors, Administrators, and Fish and Wildlife Diversity Technical Committee, in association with the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) in the Northeast Region have planned this joint workshop to:

    • Review, synthesize, evaluate, and present RCN and initial LCC projects completed or underway;
    • Increase understanding and engagement by state and other conservation partners in RCN and
    • LCC projects and goals in the Northeast;
    • Review progress made toward original goals for the RCN program;
    • Discuss challenges, needs, and opportunities for the RCN program and LCCs in the Northeast;
    • Explore and discuss opportunities for collaborations between RCNs and LCCs in the Northeast to
    • address common needs; and
    • Develop initial consensus on a common conservation framework, vision, and highest priorities
    • going forward.

Documents and Links
Workshop Documents (background materials provided to attendees in binders)
Workshop Agenda and Session Presentations (links to presentations made during sessions)
RCN and LCC Project Summary Presentations (short presentations on individual projects)
Poster Session Index (with links to .pdf files)
Workshop Summary and Results (executive summary, notes from discussions and turning point results)
Photos and Videos

Northeast Fish and Wildlife Diversity Technical Committee
RCN Technical Review Teams
Northeast Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (contacts and links)

Online discussion on Conservation Framework

RCN Grants Website

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