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Aquatic Vulnerability to Development

This dataset represents the aquatic vulnerability to development index, which reflects the likelihood of development occurring in places in the uplands that are likely to impact the aquatic cores. Specifically, aquatic vulnerability is the product of the aquatic buffers, which represent the areas estimated to have a strong influence on the integrity of the aquatic cores based on watershed processes, and the integrated future probability of development between 2010-2080. Cells with relatively low watershed influence on the aquatic cores have low vulnerability regardless of their risk of development, since the integrity of the cores will not be degraded too much if they get developed. Aquatic vulnerability is greatest where there is high watershed influence; i.e., uplands in close proximity to the cores as the water flows, and where there is also relatively high probability of development in the future.

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Publication Date 2015
Data Type Raster
Resolution 30 meter
Status Complete
Creator Organization University of Massachusetts
Aquatic Vulnerability to Development

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