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DSLland, Version 3, Northeast

This dataset represents terrestrial and wetland ecological systems of the Northeast (based on NatureServe's Ecological Systems Classifications) combined with human-modified land types such as roads and agriculture. It is a substantial revision of the map of the Northeast Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Classification System (developed by The Nature Conservancy and the northeastern state wildlife agencies) that reflect newer information on development, wetlands, and streams.

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Content Date 2010
Publication Date 2015
Data Type Raster
Resolution 30 meters
Status Complete
Creator Organization University of Massachusetts
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This dataset was developed as part of the Designing Sustainable Landscapes project led by Professor Kevin McGarigal of UMass Amherst; for more information about the project see:

Dataset was last updated on 11/2015. 

Updates made include: addition of power-lines and pine plantations, conversion of all local secured land roads to tracks, removal of abandoned tracks through open water, clean up of stream errors, merge of ecosystem classes: marine intertidal reef with marine intertidal rocky shore, estuarine intertidal streambed with estuarine intertidal consolidated shore, and estuarine subtidal rock bottom with estuarine subtidal consolidated bottom; and merge of formation classes: freshwater marsh and northeastern wetland forest (now called northeastern wetlands).

DSLland, Version 3, Northeast

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