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Soil - Depth to Restrictive Layer, Northeast

Soil depth (cm) affects communities primarily because shallow soils (usually on steep slopes or ridgetops) limit deep-rooted plants. A "restrictive layer" is a nearly continuous layer that has one or more physical, chemical, or thermal properties that significantly impede the movement of water and air through the soil or that restrict roots or otherwise provide an unfavorable root environment. if no restrictive layer is described in a map unit, it is represented by the ">200' depth class, This attribute is actually recorded as three separate values in the database. A low value and a high value indicate the range of this attribute for the soil component. A "representative" value indicates the expected value of this attribute for the component. For this soil property, only the representative value is used. A weighted average aggregation method was used to aggregate soil components

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Publication Date 2013
Data Type Raster
Resolution 30 meter
Status Complete
Creator Organization University of Massachusetts, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Cooperative Soil Survey

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