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Agenda: May 30, 2014 aquatic subteam meeting

Agenda for May 30, 2014 aquatic subteam meeting after the core team meeting

Aquatic Sub-team Breakout Session
Conn River Conservation Design Project Meeting
Hadley, Mass.
30 May 2014

Summary/Notes from the meeting

1) Update on Tasks from 8 May sub-team meeting including announcement of connectivity information session – Andrew MacLachlan (USFWS)

2) Summary of lentic and lotic aquatic systems data used in related design work – Katie Kennedy (TNC) / Kevin McGarigal (UMass)

3) Review and weighting of metrics used in Index Eco Integrety – Kevin McGarigal (UMass)

4) Review and weighting of macro-groups comprising aquatic landscape – Kevin McGarigal (UMass)

5) Consideration for generating an aquatic species list (fine filter approach) – Dave Perkins (USFWS) / John Warner(USFWS)  / Kevin McGarigal(UMass)

- Objectives and values in, and resources for, identifying and modeling representative species;
- Ability to link species to aquatic macro-group habitats;
- Methods to incorporate high priority rare species or groups

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