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Agenda: Connecticut River Pilot Core Team Meeting 02-24-2014

Agenda, handouts and presentations from the Connecticut River Pilot Core Team Meeting held on February 24, 2014 in Turners Falls, Massachusetts


Connecticut River Landscape Conservation Design Pilot – Core Team Meeting

February 24, 2014

Notes/Summary from Meeting

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Welcome, Logistics (facilities, snacks, lunch, sign in sheet, etc.)


Overview of Agenda

What is this project about? – Overview (Nancy and Ken) (15-20 min)

  • Landscape Conservation Design
  • Initiating Pilot Project
  • Proposed Process for Conducting Pilot
  • Relationship to Silvio O. Conte Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan

What is history and context and what information and tools are available? (Andrew and Scott) (60 min) 

  • North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Overview
  • Next Steps for Conservation Design
  • LCC and Partner Tools and Proposal for Integrating Them in Landscape Conservation Design



Presentation 1: LCC Framework for Landscape Conservation Design

Presentation 2: Landscape Conservation Design in the CT River Watershed and Northeast Region

[Q&A’s on morning’s presentations]


****Break to gather Lunch (20 minutes)****

Discussion on tools and process (80 minutes) (

  • Process to Develop Objectives and Potential Strategies
    • Proposed goals
    • Developing objectives by working in three subgroups (Ecosystems, Terrestrial, Aquatic) and getting back together with the full core team to review and prioritize
    • Proposal for structure/content for objectives and strategies
    • Other tools out there that we should consider
    • Species lists (terrestrial and aquatic)
Document: Goals and Objectives

What is role and time commitment for team members? (Nancy) (20 min)

  • Core Team vs. Extended/expanded Team Roles
  • Commitment to Working Groups, Reviewing Information, Participating in Core Team Meetings
  • Need for Significant Progress in Six Months but Pace Dictated by Team

What is next? (David and Nancy) (15 minutes)

  • Communications
  • Team Meetings

Closeout (10 minutes)

  • Were outcomes met?
  • Did questions get answered? Follow-up response?


Questions to Group

  • Who (or what expertise) do you think is missing from the core team
  • Do you understand the difference between being a core vs expanded team member?
  • Do you agree with the Measures of Success? Would you add anything?
  • Do you understand (and agree with) the scope of the pilot project and the basic process we suggest following?
  • Do you understand what your involvement will be, and what comes next?
  • What do you think of the two goals presented, and/or what additions or modifications would you make?
  • Do you support the idea of splitting into three sub-working groups for developing objectives (e.g. ecosystem, terrestrial, aquatic?)
  • Do Hadley and/or Turners Falls work for meeting locations?


Desired Meeting Outcomes

  • Attendees support the project scope and the general process outlined
  • Attendees understand what their role is
  • Attendees agree on a framework for goals and objectives
  • Attendees have familiarity of what resources/tools are available
  • Attendees agree on list of species under consideration


Additional Handouts

Connecticut River Watershed Pilot Overview

Core Team Guidance

Core Team Meeting Expected Attendee List

Terrestrial Representative Species List

Preliminary List of Aquatic Representative Species

DRAFT Timeline

Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (CT, MA, NH, VT)

For calling in, please dial:

phone: 866-905-1137

passcode: 9265929

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