Agenda: October 2015 Core Team Meeting

Connecticut River Pilot Core Team Meeting

US FWS Regional Office in Hadley, Massachusetts

October 1, 2015, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To view the newest layers on Data Basin, log in and check out the new Connect the Connecticut Gallery 

Updated process and key decisions document (August 2015)

Review materials from the June Core Team Meeting

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Update on final design (45 minutes; Scott and Renee)

  • Final core-connector design update
  • Other design products update
  • Data Basin review; handouts, demonstration
Powerpoint slides as PDF

Communications (1 hour; Dave and Bridget)

  • Tools developed
  • Messaging discussion
  • Outreach strategy discussion; including, advanced partner organization notification, and public outreach
11:45 Lunch (brown bag – 30 minutes)

Implementation Discussion (2 hours; Nancy, Andrew, Marvin)

  • Examples of how folks are intending to use the tools (3 min briefs)
    • Georgia Basso
    • Rachel Cliche
    • Patrick Comins
    • Andy Fisk
    • Andy French
    • Bill Labich
  • Questions for discussion on future of LCD effort
    • Does the common design end our purpose? Reminder of discussions at original Feb 2014 launch.
    • Is there a commitment to stay together in some form?
    • What is a useful structure to assist in implementation, monitoring, and technical support and updating?
    • Who will lead/facilitate?
2:15 Close out – Action Items (30 minutes; Nancy, Andrew)
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Phone conference line:  866/762-5634
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