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Agenda - Connecticut River Pilot Preliminary Meeting 01-15-2014

Agenda, handouts and presentations for Jan 15th Connecticut River Pilot FWS employee meeting in Hadley, Massachusetts from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Service Team Members – CT River Pilot Study
January 15, 2014

Meeting purpose: To insure that FWS staff understand the scope of the pilot study,  their responsibilities on the core team, what resources we expect to have available, and the projected timeline

Action Items and Meeting Notes

Representative Species

Summary Points from Ken Sprankle

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Welcome (Nancy)

  • Introductions
  • Who's listening in
  • Who’s missing
Purpose and Scope of Pilot Study; highlights of “team guidance” paper (Andrew M)
Expectations for Service team members: highlights of “Responsibilities for FWS staff” (Ken)

Expectations for Partners; list of prospective partners (Nancy)

  • Likelihood they may bring other tools: Andrew M, Scott S
  • Likelihood they may bring other interests to table (e.g. non Federal trust species)
Communications: David
Summarize Action items:  Nancy
Review outcomes: Nancy

Questions we anticipated, and will try and address…

  • What exactly are we doing? What will we produce, and what good will it do?
  • What will success look like?
  • What is expected of me?
  • Who else is involved?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are we doing about population objectives?
  • Will we cover aquatic resources?

Desired Outcomes

  • Attendees support the project scope and understand what is expected of them
  • Attendees understand what resources we have available for the study
  • Questions listed above are addressed to everyone’s satisfaction
  • A decision is made on how to proceed with aquatics resources

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