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Ken Elowe: Fall 2013 Newsletter the face of resource challenges such as climate change and urban growth, the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative has taken bold steps to realize its vision of landscapes capable of sustaining natural and cultural resources and contributing to the well-being of people. This quarterly newsletter is a way for us to collectively chart our progress, celebrate our achievements, and share information as we grow together. Each newsletter will feature news, projects, resources and activities that highlight North Atlantic LCC efforts to develop and apply science to conservation planning, delivery and evaluation as part of a shared conservation framework in the Northeast region. These efforts include:

  • building a network and greater capacity to translate existing science and information into forms that can help partners make conservation decisions and assisting partners in testing and adopting existing science and tools at various scales;
  • Laying the groundwork for a fully functional system to manage information to meet growing demands for easy access to consistent data in the scales and formats needed throughout the region;
  • identifying and addressing foundational science needs for making better conservation decisions in the face of change and uncertainty; and
  • strengthening the bonds between agencies and organizations working together for conservation beyond individual borders and boundaries.


To focus our work and determine shared priorities in a landscape that is constantly changing, we continue to work with all the partners in the LCC to establish conservation targets that reflect the missions of partner agencies and organizations. Key priorities include supporting the critical effort of providing regional information and context for State Wildlife Action Plan updates in the Northeast, as well as integrating and applying science to inform actions being taken to increase the resiliency of natural systems and communities in response to Hurricane Sandy and other damaging storms. The North Atlantic LCC is also engaged in providing science capacity to select and use representative (surrogate) species and the integrity and resiliency of ecosystems for comprehensive conservation planning and designs to support multiple species and habitats within the region. We will be piloting this approach soon in the Connecticut River watershed, and applying what we learn to landscapes throughout the Northeast.

The North Atlantic LCC can be proud of its accomplishments, but we are continually looking forward. As a community of federal agencies, states, tribes, universities and private organizations, our ultimate goal is to achieve a larger landscape conservation vision no single jurisdiction or organization could achieve on its own. I invite all of you to help us tell this transformative story.


Ken Elowe is co-chair of the North Atlantic LCC Steering Committee and Assistant Regional Director, Science Applications, for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Northeast Region

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