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The RCOA Team

A team of experts in GIS and conservation science from state agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities are at the helm of the RCOA project, which is facilitated by staff from the North Atlantic LCC.

Participants provide ongoing contributions to the project working remotely on sub teams focused on the project’s four key components: Core Areas, Species and Habitats, Restoration, and Connectivity. The partners gather periodically to share information and make decisions as a group.

Flow-charting the course: Partners pose in front of a wall of flow charts during a July 2015 RCOA workshop held at the US Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region Office in Hadley, Mass. 

RCOA Team Members and Contributors

Mark Anderson The Nature Conservancy Director of Conservation Science
Gwen Brewer Maryland Department of Natural Resources Science Program Manager
Jonathan Brooks Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Ecologist
Chris Burkett Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator
Katie Callahan New Hampshire Fish and Game Department GIS Manager
Melissa Clark The Nature Conservancy Spatial Ecologist
Andrew Cutko Maine Natural Areas Program Ecologist/Forester
Stéphanie Cuénoud North Atlantic LCC Science Delivery Assistant
Renee Farnsworth North Atlantic LCC GIS Analyst
Steve Fuller North Atlantic LCC Science Delivery Coordinator
Michale Glennon Wildlife Conservation Society Adirondacks Program Science Coordinator
Brian Hall Harvard Forest GIS Analyst
Carl Herzog New York Deparment of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Biologist
Michael Marchand New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Biologist
Andrew Milliken North Atlantic LCC Coordinator
Kate Moran Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Biologist
Arlene Olivero The Nature Conservancy Aquatic Ecologist
BJ Richardson US Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Regional GIS Manager
Chad Rittenhouse University of Connecticut Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center Assistant Research Professor
Dan Rosenblatt New York Deparment of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Biologist
Kevin Ruddock The Nature Conservancy GIS Analyst
Scott Schwenk North Atlantic LCC Science Coordinator
Mike Slattery US Fish and Wildlife Service Chesapeake Bay Coordinator
Chris Tracey Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program Conservation Coordinator
Pat Woerner New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife  GIS Specialist
Erin White New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Zoologist
David Courtmanch The Nature Conservancy Freshwater Science and Policy Specialist
Greg Garmen Virginia Commonwealth University Rice Rivers Center Director 
Rich Langdon Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation   Aquatic Biologist
Jim Thompson Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fish Passage Coordinator
Mary Walsh Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program Aquatic Ecologist
Merry Gallagher Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Fisheries Research Biologist
Will Duncan US Fish and Wildlife Service Fisheries Branch Chief
Rebecca Longenecker US Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist
Rich Kirn Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Program Manager
David Halliwell Maine Department of Environmental Protection Lake Assessment Program
Kevin McGarigal University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor of Landscape Ecology
Brad Compton  University of Massachusetts, Amherst Research Associate
Jeff Allenby The Chesapeake Conservancy Director of Conservation Technology
Colin Stief The Chesapeake Conservancy Senior Applications Designer
Elizabeth Crisfield Terwilliger Consulting Consultant
Karen Terwilliger Terwilliger Consulting Consultant
Steve Fiske Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation   Aquatic Biologist 
Eric Sorenson Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Community Ecologist

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