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North Atlantic LCC 2015 Annual Report

In 2015, the LCC redoubled efforts to deliver science to decision makers. Our annual report highlights how this information is being used to address conservation needs across the region in the words of partners.

In 2015, the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) reached an exciting stage in its evolution, transitioning from an incubator for applied science motivated by landscape-level conservation challenges, to a partner network for delivering the resulting information and tools to the people who are
addressing these challenges on the ground

The North Atlantic LCC's 2015 Annual Report highlights examples in key areas such as aquatic connectivity, coastal resilience, and support for objectives outlined in State Wildlife Action Plans, as well as examples of how diverse partners across the region are using the results of work we are supporting, and driving progress in conservation at a critical point in time.

View the full report to learn about progress in our priority areas and to read case studies about partner efforts that demonstrate "Conservation in Action". 

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