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Technical Subcommittees

North Atlantic LCC Technical Committee Subgroups (Updated March 2015)


Coastal and Marine

Terrestrial and Freshwater Wetlands

The LCC Technical Committee has been expanded to include a broad partnership of about 50 scientists representing a diversity of taxonomic, ecosystem and jurisdictional perspectives. Three sub-teams assess the needs and projects related to terrestrial/wetland, aquatic and coastal/marine systems and provide science and technical recommendations to the Steering Committee. Technical committee members and other experts participate in developing RFPs, reviewing proposals and overseeing approved projects. Existing regional partnerships including the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership, Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, Northeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Piping Plover Recovery Team, Northeast Regional Ocean Council and Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies help to direct the 20-plus active projects.

Ralph Abele U.S. EPA, Region 1
Meredith Bartron U.S. FWS, Northeast Fishery Center
Rick Bennett U.S. FWS, Science Applications
Matt Carpenter New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Diana Day Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (on hiatus – 2015)
Julie Devers U.S. FWS, Maryland Fishery Resources Office
Steve Gephard Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection
Anne Kuhn U.S. EPA, Atlantic Ecology Division
Callie McMunigal U.S. FWS
Mike Millard U.S. FWS, Northeast Fishery Center
Margo Morrison Nature Conservancy of Canada
Rachel Muir USGS
Peter Murdoch USGS
Marian Norris National Park Service, National Capital & Northeast Regions
Arlene Olivero Sheldon The Nature Conservancy
Erin White New York Natural Heritage Program


Coastal and marine
Susan Adamowicz U.S. FWS, Rachel Carson NWR
Karel Allard Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service
Amanda Babson National Park Service
John Coluccy Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Darlene Finch NOAA Coastal Services Center
Peter Francis Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection
Hector Galbraith National Wildlife Federation
Mitch Hartley U.S. FWS, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
Lisa Havel Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership
Roselle Henn U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Natl. Planning Ctr. for Coastal Storm Risk Mgt.
Chris Hilke National Wildlife Federation
Kevin Kalasz Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Regina Lyons US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1
Dawn McReynolds NY Bureau of Marine Resources
Ellen Mecray NOAA, Eastern Region Climate Services Program
Andrew Milliken U.S. FWS, North Atlantic LCC
Caleb Speigel U.S. FWS Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
Rob Thieler USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
Jim Turek NOAA Restoration Center
Megan Tyrrell U.S. FWS, North Atlantic LCC
Adam Whelchel The Nature Conservancy


Terrestrial and freshwater wetlands
Mark Anderson The Nature Conservancy
Bill Brumback New England Wild Flower Society
Andy Cutko Maine Department of Conservation
Philip deMaynadier Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Randy Dettmers U.S. FWS, Migratory Birds
Steve Fuller North Atlantic LCC / WMI
Michale Glennon Wildlife Conservation Society
Evan Grant USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Jeff Horan U.S. FWS, Refuges
Tom LaPointe U.S. FWS, No. Forest Land Mgt. Research & Demonstration Program
Diane Pavek National Park Service
Scott Schwenk North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Eric Sorenson Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
Lesley Sneddon NatureServe

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